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Ask the ‘nauts!

We ask all of the SCUBAnauts to keep a journal during our science expeditions.  This is both so they can take notes during lessons and to record their thoughts throughout the trip.  Here is a sample of some of their journal entries from the Bahamas trip.  Thank you to our trip helpers Alyx and Courtney […]

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Science dives in the Bahamas

Our second day on the island and our first day of diving! Everyone went to bed really early last night after our looooong day of traveling.  So we were all ready for breakfast at 7 am.  Everyone, especially the teen-aged boys with endless appetites, is enjoying the buffet food.  After eating bacon, french toast, cereal […]

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First SNI Dive of the Year

The Tarpon Springs (TS) SCUBAnaut Chapter couldn’t have had a more beautiful day for their first dive of the season. As you can see from the pictures, the water was like glass and the visibility was great! We visited two patch reefs: Sofia’s Garden and Brooke’s Kitchen. Both are sites that were surveyed a few […]

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