Become a SCUBAnaut!

With chapters in Tarpon Springs, St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Sarasota, participating in SCUBAnauts International is easily accessible throughout the Tampa Bay area. Check out our calendar at and join us for any of our dry meetings (once a month, weeknights) or regional meetings (quarterly on weekends). There is no cost to visit these meetings.

If you’d like to see what it takes to be a SCUBAnaut, or you’ve been to a meeting and you’re ready to dive in, please download the documents below. They are in the order you should read them. And yes, you should read all of them. The process of becoming a scientific diver means effort and dedication and requires extraordinary individuals. The result is beyond rewarding. If you have questions about these documents, or want to let us know you’ll be attending an upcoming meeting, please email at


SCUBAnauts International also offers scholarships for interested members. First year scholarship include open water dive certification, therefore applicants do not need to be certified divers. Scholarships are available for students age 12-17 and are highly competitive. Click here to learn more or to apply.

If you or your company would like to sponsor a SCUBAnaut, a donation of $2,500 funds one student for a full year. Smaller amounts help offset annual scholarships and smaller scholarships for individual dives or events.

Start a New Chapter

Are you interested in creating a new chapter of your own? SCUBAnauts International will be there to help you along the way. To get started, there are a few crucial elements that you need for your foundation:

  • Dive Safety Officer: This critical role will ensure joining Nauts have the vital safety requirements before getting in the water. Additionally, the DSO will plan all dives to the safety standards of the SCUBAnauts International Dive Safety Manual.
  • Science Officer: It is strongly preferred this member of the team is an AAUS scientific diver as the role will require the science officer to create and oversee the “wet science” of SCUBAnauts and the science presented at monthly meetings. An ocean science master’s or PhD is an excellent bonus.
  • Chapter President: While this role may be held by either of the other two positions, it could quickly become overwhelming. The chapter president will create monthly presentations in conjunction with the science officer. Additionally, the chapter president will assist new members to complete the onboarding process. It is a great bonus for the chapter president to have a vice president to help divide duties as they are logical for your chapter.
  • Meeting Location: Meetings are held monthly. It’s very possible to find locations that will not charge for meetings. Look at libraries, churches, community colleges or local science organizations for support.
  • Dive Site(s): In conjunction with the wet science, where will the Nauts dive?

Once you have found the volunteer people and places to support your chapter (because we are a volunteer-run organization), send us an email. Would you like a sounding board for some of your ideas or have other questions before you get started? Send us an email. We have lots of contacts in the scientific community, and we’re glad to help you with this rewarding experience to help kids embrace exploration through science diving. Really, send us an email:



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Tarpon Springs Chapter (Meets 2nd Tues of Month at the Centre in Palm Harbor, FL)Saint Petersburg Chapter (Meets 1st Thurs of Month at SPC in Pinellas Park, FL)Tampa Chapter (Meets 2nd Thursday of Month in Maureen Gazza Public Library, 11211 Country Way Blvd., Tampa, FL)Sarasota Chapter (Meets 3rd Thurs of Month at Mote in Sarasota, FL)

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