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Markus and fish

Crazy Long, Crazy Fun Days of Science

by Markus B., SCUBAnaut 1st Class Our third day in the Keys at Mote Marine Laboratory, Wednesday, began with a slow start to the morning–most of us still tired from last night’s dives, but we were still fed, prepared to dive, and in the classroom at 8:15 for the day’s briefing, followed by a short […]

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Amazing Outplanting (Blog)

Zack M : SCUBAnaut – AAUS D-30 //2015 We worked with Dr. Vaughan of Mote Tropical Research Lab at Summerland Key and learned about the latest way to transplant and grow boulder/mountain corals. Overall it was a very interesting process and the science behind how quickly the corals were able to be grown was groundbreaking and essentially […]

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