Zack M : SCUBAnaut – AAUS D-30 //2015

We worked with Dr. Vaughan of Mote Tropical Research Lab at Summerland Key and learned about the latest way to transplant and grow boulder/mountain corals. Overall it was a very interesting process and the science behind how quickly the corals were able to be grown was groundbreaking and essentially brand new. This made it even more amazing because we were the one of the first non-scientists to ever work with Dr. Vaughan and outplanting of these corals. On those dives my partner was Zac H. and we were able to be the first pair to transplant the corals. It was a little bit confusing at first but on our second time around we got the hang of it. After a long day of scientific diving we were able to relax back in our dorms and discuss this amazing experience.

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