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Learning how to Transplant Coral at Mote Marine Laboratory – Summerland Key

Cole Kolasa Scubanaut – Senior First Class AAUS D-100 DAN Diving First Aid Pro Provider July 16, 2014 Many people take up jobs that require them to work with their hands, multi-task, and complete certain tasks while working to achieve some goal. Working with MOTE Marine laboratories in their coral nursery fits this description and […]

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Coral Nursery

Today we helped attach Acropora cervicornas, the staghorn coral to a ‘tree’ with Cory Walter and Erich Bartell from Mote Marine Laboratory. This ‘tree’ is made of PVC and the coral fragments are hung to the tree by wire. When the coral is in the water column, less algae grows on the coral prompting greater growth.  We strung up […]

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