Mia explains the interactions of SCUBAnauts with the Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge and Mote Marine Laboratory in the Florida Keys to some rather impressed students and teachers.

SCUBAnauts International went past Reading, ‘Riting and ‘Rithmetic, sharing a love of the sea and SCUBA diving for the Great American Teach-In at East Lake Middle School Academy of Engineering this past November. Paul Foisy (SNI President & CEO) and two senior ‘nauts saw three teachers and their classes that day. Among them were Mrs. Jeanmarie Organ’s 8th grade American History class and Mrs. Sarah Dobes’ 8th grade English I.

Everett and Mia, the two Naut presenters, are both American Academy of Underwater Sciences certified divers. This allows them to get down to some serious science. Since becoming certified, 18-year-old Everett has logged 78 dives, and Mia, 16, lists a whopping 102.  Neither number is anything but remarkable, especially since, according to PADI, the average age to become certified is 29!

Indeed, these teaching teens are just a couple of many SCUBAnauts, all age 12 to 18, who work to preserve our oceans and learn about the biodiversity within. They explained to the classes how they take measurements, record data and even transplant coral, all while underwater, controlling buoyancy and breathing through SCUBA tanks.

According to Amira Ray, the Family & Community Liaison at East Lake Middle School Academy of Engineering in Tarpon Springs, “The teachers were impressed with the presentation. They had a lot of questions afterwards.”

Everett, Mia and Mr. Foisy valued their time in the classroom. Everett stated, “If I can show my love of the ocean to just one other kid, and that inspires him to do the same, then that’s super cool. My job is done.”

Hopefully, Everett’s job is done and a few more teens are encouraged to embrace exploration and answer with a resounding “YES!” to the biggest question: “So teenagers can do this stuff?”