Alanna Mitchell, the “best environmental journalist in the world” (IUCN; Reuters foundation), and strong advocate for global science issues, shared conversation and knowledge with the SCUBAnauts during Capitol Hill Ocean Week (CHOW). Mitchell lead an intriguing discussion on current ocean issues, and engaged the ‘nauts in thought-provoking question and answer sessions that provided a new perspective on these topics.

Whether you are aspiring to be a marine biologist, doctor, artist, or writer, I’ve learned that you can incorporate the ocean in everything. This is my second trip to CHOW and although we met some very memorable people, Alanna Mitchell really impressed me by being an author and having such a firm grasp on science. You could tell that she was both passionate in journaling and the ocean and just by that could create novels such as her famous book, Sea Sick. I’m really grateful to have been able to listen and learn from her because I have a great interest in writing and the ocean as well. I hope that one day I can keep the ocean as a prominent influence in my life as much as she has and I wish I could have talked to her more.
~Jessica Silk , St. Petersburg Chapter

Organized by Julienne Brown