We woke up to a ferocious thunderstorm with rain and bright lightning.  Everyone in a hammock got soaked.

Even though there was a storm, the visibility during dives was still 60 feet +.  Corals at depth were flatter and smaller.  They have to collect sunlight so they need to have more surface area and they are smaller because they don’t have as many nutrients.  Corals at shallower depths were more boulder-like.  Fish at depth compared to shallower dives were not as differing.  Gobies were more abundant at depth. 

At the end of our last beautiful dive we got to swim with 4 adult dolphins.  During the night we went over Powerpoints on Belize and Stars/Constalations.  On the dock we viewed them with amazement.  
~Sofia Alaniz and Makenzie Burrows