At our SCUBAnauts International regional meeting today, we were lucky enough to add a new SCUBAnaut to the rank of Master Naut. Shaian B. presented her Masternaut project detailing the effect of plankton abundance on fish populations in an area. She studied samples of plankton from different seasons and different reefs, painstakingly counting the miniscule plankton and comparing their numbers with the numbers and species of fish. In her conclusion Shaian noted a 31% correlation between the presence of plankton and the numbers of fish. Congratulations to Shaian for all of her efforts and obtaining the title of Masternaut!

It was an eventful day as we also celebrated the 50 dives mark for Kylie Buckman, Zack Morris, and Diana Phillips, and 25 dives mark for Sarah Vinson. In addition to Shaian’s promotion to Masternaut, other applause is in order for rank advancements for Diana Phillips to Jr. 1st Class, Marcus Bynum to Sr. 2nd Class, and Evana Foisy to Jr. 2nd Class Naut.
Excellent job, Nauts. Continue to explore and become more educated!