Sophia engages a future Naut with a Virtual Reality experience.

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by Logan M., Naut-in-Training

One year ago, I went to Youth Ocean Conservation Summit and saw a Scubanauts booth. My mom and I then asked what this club was, and they told us that it was a youth diving club that promoted the conservation of our oceans. From that moment on I knew I was going to be a Naut. This is why our booths are so important, they hook the people on Scubanauts, and this keeps our organization running.
A couple weeks ago I went to Marine Quest, and when people stopped at our booth, we gave them virtual reality headsets that had dive sites on them. When they were done looking at these sites, I informed them that they could go to these places if they joined Scubanauts and told them what we do. It was really cool to see the little kids put on the VR headset and start walking around in complete awe of what they were seeing. It was also cool to see the sign-up lists almost filled and that I had helped that happen. In the span of two hours I knew that I got kids and parents thinking about Scubanauts (and the impact we have), and it made me happy that I had helped out. At the end of the day, I was happy, because I knew I had made some kids day and did it while helping this fantastic group.