I joined Scubanauts International (SNI) in January of 2018. I was a relatively inexperienced diver but had a passion for marine sciences and diving. SNI has allowed me to pursue a safe and engaging diving experience as well as empowering me to become a more proficient level diver. SNI is full of wonderful and engaging instructors that demonstrate and teach skills with a passion. At the March Scuba Accident Lifesaving Management (SLAM) training, each instructor took the time necessary to make sure each diver was comfortable and safe in the water. Through 

Two SCUBAnauts practice sharing air at SLAM training.

SNI’s SLAM course, which builds upon the previously taught DAN CPR and O2 Administration course, I became more confident as a diver and person in emergency situations. SLAM not only teaches techniques for incidents and accidents it also teaches general safe diving practices for you and those diving around you. Some of the skills taught, like how to care for a stressed and distressed diver can be applied to your life outside of diving in emergency situations. In the final analysis, SNI has demonstrated a wonderful execution of enriching divers with world-class safety procedures and empowering them to become safe and responsible divers.


– Anton N, Naut-in-Training, Sarasota Chapter