On September 1st and 2nd, five SCUBAnauts participated in Classified Dive Buddy training. This means that they are now certified to dive with a classified dive buddy, or someone with a handicap. On Friday, the SCUBAnauts went to Rock Bottom Divers in Dunedin to do the classroom portion of the training. After that, the SCUBAnauts took the test on the material they had learned. The next day, the SCUBAnauts traveled to a pool where they practiced all of the skills they learned the night before. The skills included: putting on and taking off gear for a quadriplegic diver, swimming a classified dive buddy around, and ascending and descending with a classified dive buddy. The participants were Paul, Vivian, Mia, Zack, Noah, and Sarah. I, Vivian, was interested in taking this class because, as a SCUBAnaut, I have worked with members of the organization Combat Wounded Veterans Challenge before, diving with the veterans. The vets that we work with are all extremely motivating and inspiring. That is how I got into the idea of becoming a Classified Dive Buddy.

— Vivian F, Senior 2nd Class Naut, Tarpon Springs Chapter