Today I have spent 7 days in Belize. I have had an amazing time and learned a bunch. The diving has been unbelievable, and the hospitality has been incredible. The most interesting thing I learned about the island is that it is an atoll that was formed by the two crusts, the Caribbean and the North American crust, rubbing against each other called a slip fault and over time they formed small risen areas that eventually formed these atolls. Another thing I learned was the whole area of Glover’s Reef is a marine reserve that is regulated by the marine fisheries department. They as a whole regulate what activities can be done around the area like fishing, diving, or research. They try to make sure none of the coral is damaged and that conchs, lobster and fish are kept at a healthy level. It makes me happy to know that they are helping to keep this magnificent area preserved. Without them, this beautiful place would not have as many coral species and fish biodiversity that we have today. The most incredible thing I learned about the reefs in the surrounding area is that there are over 750 patch reefs. That is such an awe-inspiring number. The amount of reef sizes is way different from the reefs in Florida. There is a significant decrease of the sizes and abundance of reefs in Florida so being here makes me feel I have been highly privileged. I never want to leave and I want to know even more about other areas that surround this region!
~Sebastian DiGeronimo, St. Petersburg SCUBAnaut Chapter