by Vivian F., Masternaut candidate

Hello again!
My Masternaut project has a lot of different parts to it, and each part has many different components. The main part of my project is the fish identification field guide, which was developed using SCUBAnaut divers in the Florida Keys. Each participating Naut did thirteen dives totaling about 230 dives. On these dives, some divers collected data on size, habitat, and abundance using data sheets I designed. Other divers took pictures of the designated fish species. Then, I sorted through thousands of pictures to find the best ones to use in my project, and analyzed the data we collected on our dives to create an accurate field guide.
Next, I created the Quiz Yourself presentation, which will be part of the website launching soon. This presentation features the pictures of fish with an animation that hides the names so that the click of a mouse will make the name appear for people to check if they guessed correctly. This also required a search for the best photographs to use from the thousands we had taken, and my correct identification of the fish in each picture. Another main part of my project is my website! I designed it, figuring out how to add each component and writing the blogs for it.
I also must make two final presentations to complete my project and move up to Masternaut. One is for presenting to the SCUBAnauts, and the second is for presenting to an outside group, which will be my sailing crew. Each presentation will be tailored to the audience and will involve an overview of my project. Lastly, I need to write a 2-3-page paper summarizing everything I have done to earn the rank of Masternaut. Then this will all come together to become a final product for my Masternaut project.