For today’s average teenager, weekends and after-school hours are a whirlwind of activity with homework, athletics, SAT prep, community service, driving lessons, socializing — the list could stretch longer than fourth-period history class on a sunny spring day.

Some kids are multisport athletes. Some join clubs or dedicate hours to community service. Then there are the SCUBAnauts — a group of ultradedicated Florida students who somehow find time amid the chaos of teenage life to become top-notch scuba divers with scientific training rivaling that of the most-seasoned graduate students.

“These tend to be very high-achieving kids; they do well in school, sports and dance, but they also have a passion for marine science,” said Jim Cassick, executive director of SCUBAnauts International, the all-volunteer organization that operates three chapters in the Tampa Bay area and one in Key West.
SCUBAnauts isn’t just a résumé-builder though.


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