This experience with meeting Florida and Massachusetts Representatives opened my eyes to the political view involving the oil spill, windmills, and faster transportation. Personally, it was very nerve-racking. However, it was worth every emotion. It did not only give me the opportunity of being responsible, but it also gave me the confidence to approach and carry out a conversation with a Representative. I hope I will be able to do more of these events to build up more confidence and do more with questioning. SCUBAnauts has opened my eyes to a bigger world in politics with oceanic issues.

-Emily Pitchko, Lake Hitchcock SCUBAnaut
This was an excellent experience for me. Talking with Anne Nelson, science advisor for Congressman John Olver, about the oil spill in the Gulf and other things such as windmills instead of oil to fuel homes was phenomenal. Meeting with the Representatives from Florida was also inspiring. I am so excited that I am a SCUBAnaut, and I can’t wait to go on more trips. This was the beginning of a huge adventure for me.
-Caity Wilkins, Lake Hitchcock SCUBAnaut