Emma Z. our author dries out before our fish fry and night dives.

by Emma Z., SCUBAnaut 2nd Class

Today the SCUBAnauts did four dives for the second day in a row. The first two were day dives in which our three science groups took surveys of the fish and coral reef. All the groups were able to fix and modify their methodology, so everyone could get good data. The divers saw some lobster and surprisingly some squirrel fish! After the dives the nauts went back to shore for a few rounds of the game “ninja” and enjoyed a fish fry featuring Mahi-Mahi and squid shaped hot dogs with cookies for dessert.

The third dive was a twilight dive to survey the reef so dive pros and nauts could preview the terrain for the night dive. On the night dive divers saw grouper, a cuttlefish, and a black tip reef shark. Near the end dive, pro Katie Shoultz showed the bioflorescence of palythoa and feeding corals. Back on the boat, the nauts were treated to a light show by the crew and a beautiful starry sky.


Naut family dinner courtesy of Captain Hooks!

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