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In the news: SCUBAnauts Splitting The Sign

I am a member of SCUBAnauts International, an organization for young people passionately interested in the ocean. Of all my experiences as a SCUBAnaut, sharing my love of the ocean with wounded veterans really stands out. As we come up to Memorial Day, I wanted to share what this has meant for me. It was […]

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In the news: Alert Diver – Scubanauts

For today’s average teenager, weekends and after-school hours are a whirlwind of activity with homework, athletics, SAT prep, community service, driving lessons, socializing — the list could stretch longer than fourth-period history class on a sunny spring day. Some kids are multisport athletes. Some join clubs or dedicate hours to community service. Then there are […]

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In the News: NASA – The Scoop on SCUBAnauts

When space shuttle Endeavour launched in March of 2008, a group of 35 middle and high school students followed the mission closely. The event they were waiting for came a few days after takeoff. That’s when shuttle Commander Dominic Gorie unfurled a blue banner. On it was an emblem with the words, “Operation Deep Climb.” […]

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