SCUBAnauts Tech Opportunity

SCUBAnauts International and Protean Industries are teaming up to offer a-4 day course in underwater photogrammetry, laser use, and 3D modeling, just for members! Participants will learn deployment techniques and operation procedures in this field. This includes an introduction to planning, deployment, collection, and assessment using underwater lasers and photogrammetry. As the course wraps up, they will complete a full computer analysis and model creation of their mapped locations. The course will culminate with each small team producing a 3D model of the dive site!

Photogrammetry the Cutting-Edge Map Method

This cutting-edge technology is expected to be used with increasing frequency to map underwater environments in great detail. Also, this course lays the foundation for similar techniques and tools that may be used in the future to map Mars and other extraterrestrial environments.

Pre-reqs and Continued Tech Education

As is often the case, SCUBAnauts must arrive to class prepared. Prior to participation in the course, SCUBAnauts will be required to attend a 3-hour pre-course webinar. After the course completion, participants will have access to a 30-day free trial of the photogrammetry software for development of more models of their own and access to the free, open-source course modeling software for long-term development of models.