Brooke conducting an AGRRA point count survey

Hello, the SCUBAnauts have arrived in Belize! We got to drive though Belize city. We saw the poorest and richest parts of Belize. Since our currency is twice as strong, most of the Belize citizens are poor in our standards. After a three hour boat ride, we arrived at Glover’s Reef Marine Research Center. We went on our first dive an hour after we arrived. It was off the dock in about twelve feet of water. Even though it was just a small patch reef, it was full of life. At home we have to go about thirty miles offshore to see the amount of coral and life we saw in twelve feet. The corals here are much bigger, and there is a greater diversity of fish and corals. We met the staff on the island and they are really friendly and helpful. Also, the food is delicious. We had a great first day, and we look forward to many more unbelizable days! 

~Ashley Hilbert and Brooke Liston, Tarpon Spring SCUBAnauts