7364f22c-dcc1-4d69-b930-2cd783d89449 When I first joined SCUBAnauts I immediately felt as though I would enjoy the lessons being taught and the opportunity to make new friends. I really wanted to apply the knowledge that I had learned in the science lessons so I was excited to go on my first dive. It was to Blue Grotto, which is a spring. Springs are an easy place to dive, as there is no current like in the ocean. I was happy that I would be able to focus on other things than being carried away from the boat.

On the first dive we went down about 60 feet for thirty minutes. I had to do a dive check with one of the dive masters to make sure I knew how to clear my mask, share air, and make a controlled ascent before I rejoined the rest of the group. After the dive check we went around the spring exploring the silty bottom. Between dives Ms. Shoultz gave me pointers on dive technique such as relying on your legs for stability, instead of your hands. I was able to practice the new technique on the second dive.14c27910-e108-4456-9269-a0eb8d39f269

We also played a game at the beginning of the second dive. The game was similar to the relay race where an egg is held on a spoon and passed back and forth between partners. Instead of an egg, however, we used a ping pong ball and held the spoon upside down, because of the “reversed gravity” effect underwater. It got confusing eventually because of the decreased visibility due to divers who weren’t in our group making the silt from the bottom flow into the water column, but I like to think my team won (no one was really sure). I had a great first dive experience and hope it was the first of many. SCUBAnauts, aside from being extremely organized, has taught me an incredible amount of knowledge in just under a year. I look forward to many years to come.

— Emily C.