SCUBAnauts International is humbled and excited to have been featured in NAUI’s Magazine. Go ahead and set aside a few minutes to read this article that so eloquently describes what SNI stands for and what it means to our Nauts. Here are a few quotes from the article that we feel truly explain what SNI is all about.  (click on the link below)


“Taking my first breath underwater was a huge step and accomplishment for me because I was one step closer to accomplishing my goals.”

“Leadership isn’t about an age. Nauts will learn and accomplish more when they can teach each other and surround each other with good role models. They develop a connection and shared experience that all comes back to the family. We are all invested.”

“Students have been empowered; families have grown closer; divers have become safer and better-skilled; leaders have been developed; lives have been transformed.”

“SCUBAnauts International youth program is not about diving or about diving for science. It is about “diving” into the process of character and moral development so that our youth are motivated to act from their higher seld, inspored by the example of the mentors around them”



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