The mission of SCUBAnauts International is to educate teens in the marine sciences, enabling them to make a positive impact on the environment and empowering them to become tomorrow’s leaders.

November Trip Successful Despite Weather

Despite challenging weather conditions, six nauts completed six dives each and built lasting friendships during a November trip to Summerland Key to participate in coral restoration activities and honor their friend Zack Morris, who passed in May 2019.

Underwater Photogrammetry Scheduled for SCUBAnauts

SCUBAnauts Tech Opportunity SCUBAnauts International and Protean Industries are teaming up to offer a-4 day course in underwater photogrammetry, laser use, and 3D modeling, just for members! Participants will learn deployment techniques and operation procedures in...

Coral Restoration in North Carolina

Coral Restoration: Not the Same All Over Coral restoration in the Carolinas has not taken off quite as rapidly as the mainstream coral restoration movement in Florida and the Bahamas. This could be based on...

Moody Gardens Aquarium

Behind (and Under) the Scenes Moody Gardens is an amazing aquarium in Galveston, Texas. SCUBAnauts International was given the opportunity to have a behind-the-scenes tour in their facility, and along the way was immersed in a whole different world of diving. Diving...

Neutral Buoyancy Lab: The Stuff Astronauts are Made Of

Neutral Buoyancy Lab Backstage Pass On August 8th, while in Texas for the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary dive trip, SCUBAnauts International experienced a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit...

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